Investor Relations

What We Do

WISH Skin Labs is a fusion of modern and ancient healing wisdom from cultures around the planet, united and accessible and with synergy realizing the achievement of health and healing in a global culture of well-being in mind, body, and spirit. Activating transparent practices, sustainable agriculture, organic origins, and expert leadership, WISH Skin Labs is cultivating the transformation of health and healing for the whole body.

Wish Innovations PBC is dedicated to sourcing organically, sustainably grown hemp, extracting and refining its crude oil into a highly purified broad spectrum concentrate using proprietary clean, low-temperature extraction and distillation processes with 10%yields of biomass.

This blend of whole plant phytochemicals (terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids) will be packaged inside a our proprietary entourage blend, CUTANACAE™, creating the principal active, biosimilar component of our many product embodiments.

Our Social Mission

Our social mission is to tell our elders stories of healing while addressing the epidemic of chronic wounds and skin injuries that impact the overall health and wellness of patients undergoing treatment for diseases like cancer and diabetes, and the chronically bedridden. We intend to cure humanity of chronic wounds the world over and bring cutting-edge research and plant-based solutions as the remedy.

“ In synergy, we can realize the WISH of health and healing united in one culture of well-being in mind, body, and spirit.”

Investor Options

  • IP Research and Development
  • Consumer Packaged Good Distribution
  • Partnerships-Affiliate Marketing

Our principal intellectual property will be a chimera of phytocompounds, CUTANACAE™. This will be the main ingredient of the many (5-7) different SKUs in our product pipeline. With our molecular lab partners, we intend to study the cellular effects of phytocompounds on the skin, specifically looking at the integumentary (i.e., skin’s) Endocannabinoid System and cellular targets such as macrophages, keratinocytes, and dermal fibroblasts. This is not just a basic science effort but an odyssey to create clinically relevant translational science BREAKTHROUGH innovations.
The IP behind the product is in the unique genetics of the plants grown through partnership and trade secret-protected agreements with experienced agronomists, and botanists, developing transparent partnerships with every step of the value chain. Our IP utilizes specific genetics and strains that increase the potency of the product, all the while reducing the amount of refinement needed to produce the isolates used in our ingredients, studied by our clinical research partners, publishing peer-reviewed SCIENCE NEXUS.
Contact us at for information on investing and partnerships.

Investor Disclaimer Statement

Research regarding the medical benefits, viability, safety, efficacy, dosing and social acceptance of cannabis or isolated cannabinoids (such as cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC) remains in the early stages. There have been relatively few US-based clinical trials on the benefits of hemp-derived isolated cannabinoids (such as hCBD, hCBG or hCBC). Although we believe that various articles, reports and studies support our beliefs regarding the medical benefits, viability, safety, efficacy, dosing and social acceptance of cannabinoids, future research and clinical trials may prove such statements to be incorrect or could raise concerns regarding, and perceptions relating to, cannabinoids. Further, the federal illegality of cannabis and associated limits on our ability to properly fund and conduct research on cannabis and cannabis derivatives and the paucity of formal Food and Drug Administration oversight of cannabis and cannabis derivatives, there is limited information about the long-term safety and efficacy of cannabinoids in their various forms, when combusted or combined with various cannabinoids and/or non-cannabis derived ingredients and materials or when ingested, inhaled or topically applied. Future research or oversight may reveal negative health and safety effects, which may significantly impact our reputation, operations and financial performance.

Given these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, prospective purchasers of Subordinate Voting Shares should not place undue reliance on such articles and reports. Future research studies and clinical trials may draw opposing conclusions to those stated in our solicitations or reach negative conclusions regarding the medical benefits, viability, safety, efficacy, dosing, social acceptance or other facts and perceptions related to cannabinoids, which could have a material adverse effect on the demand for our products, with the potential to have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, revenue, results of operation and financial condition.