Our Mission

Supplying the world over with affordable, clean, plant-based, scientifically-proven, topical remedies that restore health, healing, and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit.


Our 3 Pillars of Efficacy

  • Anti-inflammatory

    Our proprietary compounds from the kingdoms Plantae and Animalia reduce inflammation during the healing journey.

  • Antisepsis

    Naturally anhydrous, our compounds prevent microorganismal growth that causes infection and delays healing.

  • Analgesic

    Natural, fast, and effective pain relief that does not load the body with harmful chemicals or synthetic pharmaceuticals.


WISH is curating earth-based ingredients that soothe irritated skin, one WISH at a time.

Our Values

  • Clinical

    Clinically-proven, pharmaceutical-grade remedies invented by leading clinicians and scientists in the fields of neuroscience, regenerative medicine, botany, biochemistry, agronomy, and surgery.

  • Compassionate

    Curated with a commitment to culture, effectiveness and sustainability for long-term solutions that heal our planet and humans.

  • Transparent

    From seed to solution, our processes are performed by certified GMP, internationally-recognized labs and manufacturing partners, meeting the highest regulatory standards. Our quality lies within in our GENETICS and SCIENCE NEXUS.

  • Affordable

    Utilizing proven technology, refining production methods, and partnering with global impact leaders, we aim to provide wound care solutions for every household budget.

  • Accessible

    Whether online or at your preferred pharmacy or dispensary, our products are available for your care and use without a prescription. We collaborate with but do not replace your healthcare provider.

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