Mother Nature, the Original Healer!

  • Civilizations and cultures

    Civilizations and cultures worldwide have been using Mother Nature's gifts to heal the body for thousands of years. This practice is not a novel concept.

  • Healers today use these ancient concepts merging modern innovation and technology:

    • Honey from the manuka honey bee of New Zealand to support chronic wound healing.
    • Stem cells and tissues produced through the miracle of human life.
    • Submucosal gut tissues from New Zealand sheep with proven effectiveness for healing.
    • Omega fatty acids, collagen and a natural glue from the sea can be applied in order to restore wholeness.

  • Myriad of Connections

    There exists a myriad of connections between wound healing and the Earth. We are adding to this library of knowledge utilizing the benefits of phytocompounds to provide safe, effective, skin and wound healing remedies that are more affordable, with accessibility as our driving values.

Our Origin Story

With a desire to enhance standard wound management practices, Dr. Kimball, The Wound Wizard, designed and implemented an enterprise-wide wound management program for a national healthcare organization by creating protocols for painful, aging, chronically wounded skin and slow healing sores that bore long-term trauma.

She recognizes the need for more progressive topical treatments for her patient-clients. Dr. Kimball diligently investigated botanicals that would activate the body’s natural healing ability. Botanical and human biopharmaceutical synergistic compounds not only alleviate pain but reduce inflammation, reduce infection risk and promote rapid healing with few adverse reactions or allergies. This approach is revolutionary and an important departure from standard pharmaceutical applications alone.

With 18 years of medical training, clinical practice and thought leadership in her wound management field, Dr. Kimball has determined by blending global ancient practices of employing plant-based medicine with progressive, modern cutting-edge innovation, and her patients-clients experience better pain management and healing results than the usage of strict inflexible conventional, pharmaceutical medicine alone.

Creating a pathway for effective, affordable, and sustainable wound healing treatments has been her singular goal. The Wound Wizard’s topical compounds for chronic and acute skin injuries will revolutionize how clinicians, nurses, and their wounded patient-clients heal skin, thus giving patients relief and, at last, hope for wounds that would otherwise cause long-term suffering as well as avoid potential necrosis.

With key visionary business leaders, highly respected scientific practitioners, acclaimed medical experts, innovative biochemists, and botanists, she has discovered how to activate the endocannabinoid system with her proprietary, botanical-based blend, CUTANACAE™. Our formulations using sustainable agriculture practices and a streamlined vertically-integrated supply chain make affordable healing compounds accessible to the masses. These revolutionary remedies incorporate thousands of years of plant-based wisdom and cutting-edge science carefully blended and merged with human genetics.

WISH Innovations PBC and its wholly-owned subsidiary, WISH Skin Labs, present remedies designed to heal humanity one WISH at a time.

Our Future

As visionaries, we are paving the path toward advanced healing practices utilizing the untapped resources available through the genetics of the industrial hemp plant. Our future holds ideas to bring health and healing to veterinary clients, mom & baby patients, and caregivers alike, as well as advanced gynecological & sexual health segments. Wish Innovations PBC, the imagination of WISH Skin Labs, is dedicated to producing and selling over-the-counter and prescription-grade hemp-derived skin, wound, and whole-body healing products.

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